by Boreal Forest

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Vocals - Preston Kuhn
Lead Guitar - Daniel Alvarado
Rhythm Guitar - Steven Haynes
Drums - Eli Schmidtke
Bass - Preston/Steven/Danny
Synth - Preston/Steven/Danny

Album Photograph - Steven Haynes
Post Production - Preston Kuhn/Steven Haynes

Production by Preston Kuhn
Lazy Daisy Records


released February 5, 2017

Bass - Preston (Capone, Megalodon, Aqueous Soul), Steven (Stray), Danny (Tamarack)
Synth - Preston (Forget It, Slow Burn,Tamarack), Steven (Terra, Forget It, Capone), Danny (Skyentist, Megalodon)



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Boreal Forest Duluth, Minnesota

Boreal Forest is an alternative electronic rock group from Minneapolis Minnesota, currently living in Duluth, MN.

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Track Name: Tamarack
emerge upon the woodland,
a shaded blanket
slowly seizes you.
branches softly weave,
surround an aching heart.

brittle fallen leaves
crack under my feet.
rays of light, erase
the roots of sullen spite.

branches drape atop the sky, how
enlightened roots, amiably weave
cordial trees, breath among me.

frail, brittle, flimsy, faint.
a sprout flourishing,
beneath a blanket of elders.
wise, unique, balanced, brave.

the forest sleeps,
fallen leaves beneath.
rain, wash away the doubt.
Track Name: Slow Burn
slow burning, alright by me,.
but make sure to feel the breeze,
reassure. just how things
are gonna be alright.

compose catastrophes
to expel and let them free,
reassure, just how things
are gonna be alright,
how we'll be just fine.

take all your dire needs
and stir up one pot of greed.
monumental moments
make a lifetime wait.
one last night awake
before the light returns, now.

melt the days away.
ignite a waiting grave.
whats left to show up for?
a token for the good times nevermore.

just a chance encounter, all I need
searching for the words
will my conscience flee?
in between the highs.
how doom will feed.
the sky sings
above the willows and the reeds.
Track Name: Stray
stillness grab me, entwine in the
endless sinking boat, we dare aboard.
walk with your mind planted inside
break the waking solitude.
open up to find,
not quite ready this time.

brace the fall from here.
a graceful waste, the way we stray,
coast with me.
better off to be
a single leaf among a fall breeze
floating afar.

with nothing left to say,
forces squeeze the air
from a frail lung, trapped within.
trade a life away.
sweetly scathe,
a pet to the same things that grant the light.

steady waves, ripple beneath.
the cracking skin from forceful currents,
erode my bones.
wide awake, bathe in peace.
to wake and break the solitude.
scrape the heels of time,
watching layers unwind.

stray too far from here,
don’t wist away,
break the brace of bricks surrounding truth.
Track Name: Capone
snowscapes sit, still and silent.
gentle fall, an antonym of violent.
dead limbs droop and sway
in the brisk winds from afar,
masking the moon and stars.

there's no moment better than now.
try as you might.
there's no shame in wondering how
there's no moment better than now
try as you might, now.

tell me how this plays out,
this feeling of familiarity
it's what disappointment's all about.
no surprises.

expectations fade out in atrophy,
when juxtaposed to harsh reality.
where the waves become corrupted,
in envious contemplation.

arid, fields, lay, desolate
rain dance, expect no rest.
anticipate, a decay of disorder
don't want to die, yet,
don't want to live
deteriorate, anticipate

rain dance, expect no res.
anticipate a decay of disorder
lots to be desired,
not much left.
Track Name: Skyentist
what is this?
this feeling,
quickly fleeting

off into space
erase the faces
dear to you,
how you once knew
a world so vast
yet harsh and brash
crooked hearts
paint stars on your past.
sanity, warm yet bleak,
slowly fading
into the deep.

what's left for me now?
whats left for me now.
distant, desolate, jaded dreams.
ascent into reality,
bring me bliss.

a future
full and warm (x3)
skyentist, teach me this.
skyentist, whats left now?
Track Name: Aqueous Soul
wrap yourself
floating in a fragile state
vulnerable and lost
consumed by the waves
free of disposition
throw the mind, fling it out the window

aqueous souls
mending one another
dissolve the past
clinging on to time

much further than the clearest of lens
microscopic inflections
an absence of omens
consume me
stirring the hours
harmoniously living

do we ever really stop?
how did we make it here?
do we ever really know?
be the moment to dissolve,

did we ever really start?
where do we go from here?
do we ever really know?
be the moment,
to dissolve.
Track Name: Terra
dedication, to the guide
beneath our feet,
giving every step intentions, that keep.
stay, stay put.

in the rooted haze,
in the rooted haze,
the days seem to claim
more than just words. (x2)

giving every step intentions we make
stepping further than dialogue mentions,
committing our breath to more than just questions.
asking, asking for who?

keeping track with a system of eyes
pulling away from crystal skies.
sleeping on the back of a beast of lies
open my eyes, to the fiscal guise.
now we're back, back on terra.
Track Name: Forget It
impossible outcomes may make,
dark thoughts twist, break, separate,
take it how you see it, so
oblivious, don't dare to throw that dice my way.
down the road a green meadow sleeps
or so they say, embrace your mysteries.
preconcieved interrogation notion
analytic faults flow through our ocean.
take more than you hold walk right around me
wash the air of lunatic foolish dreams.
mindless act look like it's alright, it's not
how absurd, acting all alone, hold on,
you'll forget it.

just take my sanity and grin
driving needles through paper thin skin
sticky air, it wraps around my limbs.
similar to the way they're caving in.